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Tips to Help You Take Better Notes

Notes can be a great study tool for any student, but you have to know how to take effective notes. Follow these tips to help you develop better note taking skills.

Be Prepared

The first step to taking effective class notes is to show up prepared to take notes. Arrive to class at least a few minutes early so that you have enough time to pull out your notebook, pencil, and any other note taking tools. You'll be ready to jot down important information as soon as class starts without having to scramble for your items.

Start on a New Page

As you prepare to take notes, be sure to start each day's notes on a new page of your notebook. This can help you separate out your notes, making them easier to sort and find when they're needed. Start each page with a heading that include the date and the topic your notes focus on. Just like each set of notes should start on its own page, each class should have its own notebook so that your notes don't get mixed up.

Pay Attention and Ask Questions

Taking effective notes requires that you are an active listener in class. Don't simply copy down information word for word from your teacher's presentation, instead listen to what they're saying and write down the information in your own words. Practicing this method will ensure that you understand what you are writing down. If you don't understand something, ask questions until you have it figured out.

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