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Strong Benefits to Reading Non-School Related Books

When it comes to reading, parents often put much of the focus on textbooks or class related novels, and with good reason. They are great learning tools, however, it is important to not forget to include non-school related books as well. The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has some information below to share on the subject.

Improved Vocabulary

The vocabulary learned through reading textbooks is invaluable to a student and gives them a strong foundation for communication and expression. As valuable as this vocabulary set is, it can be limiting, especially when it comes to articulating thoughts, ideas, and arguments - all instances present during an exam. Reading fantasy, thriller, crime, science-fiction, etc., exposes students to a broader range of words which they can utilize to express themselves, both academically through essays and response questions, and throughout their personal life.


Sentence structure is also an aspect of writing which varies between texts, especially from textbooks to fantasy novels. Reading these types of personal interest books shows students different ways to construct their sentences and gives them stronger abilities where semantics are involved. Learning different types of sentence structure can also be a benefit in college applications and in the workplace where communication needs to be a balance of personal and academic tone.

Tutoring Can Help Students Excel

These are just two of the core benefits a student can gain from reading non-school related material. The next time that your student asks to visit the bookstore, consider giving them more of a free reign. If exams are your student's challenge, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Greer SC at (864) 655-4664 and ask about how tutoring can benefit your student. To help even more, book your free consultation where you see the productive learning environment for yourself.


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