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 1.  The Diagnostic Assessment 

   Before you’ve even decided to work with us, we give your family an expensive gift! For no charge, we administer the nationally recognized Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA) to your student. As I’ve discovered in the past year of tutoring service to the Greenville / Greer area, our use of the KTEA is much more valuable to students and their families than just the waived $150.00 cost.

   Many of our students come to us because, for different reasons, their academic performances don’t match their abilities.  Parents sometimes request, or are invited to, meetings at school to consult with teachers and other educational professionals to pinpoint their child’s barriers to success.  Even under the best circumstances, this can be a daunting moment in a parent’s life.

    The Tutoring Center, Greer is happy to attend these meetings as an additional support for our parents.  When a parent calls for this support, I always attend.  As a certified teacher, I can help parents know what to expect, and I’m able to de-brief them afterwards, if needed.  I always bring pertinent data to the meetings, and share if asked.

    The KTEA we administer to all of our students is also administered by Greenville County Schools, so our tutors and school officials are speaking the same language and on the same page!   This one fact is a great comfort to many of our parents.

  Do you know what RTI means?  What happens at an IEP? The educational profession has its own jargon and acronyms, as a wonderful school psychologist explained to one of our families in my most recent A-Team meeting.  Although the school psychologist patiently explained terms and meanings to these parents, learning a new language during what can be an intensely vital meeting about your child can cause you to feel that you’ve forgotten something, that you missed something, that you didn’t understand everything….

  Having a certified teacher who will:
  • attend interdisciplinary meetings with you 
  • provide data to the team that may give important insight about your child
  • listen and take notes, and 
  • answer any questions that remain, or explain terms or processes after the meeting

 to me, speaking as a parent, is priceless!  Some of the most heart-warming conversations I’ve had with parents have been after these meetings.  I think when we’re there with them in these meetings, and we speak for them and their children, they see that we love their child, too.

 The KTEA pays even more dividends for our Tutoring Center, Greer families. Part of our service is teacher contact, and the KTEA factors heavily in that.  One of the tools we use to track each student’s progress with his or her teacher is comparing our KTEA scores with classroom performance.

We deliver the KTEA to the teacher, and 
schedule a collaborative meeting to discuss our scores and input from the child’s teacher.
We immediately implement any pertinent information gleaned from the collaboration into the student’s program to make The Tutoring Center as relevant to class as possible.
We attempt to check in with teachers periodically to gauge success.

After 40 sessions, the student sits for another KTEA to gauge growth, and we follow the collaborative process again...

Based on a combination of your child’s KTEA scores, school grades, and your concerns, The Tutoring Center, Greer designs a program of study specifically to meet your child’s academic needs. This program of study is presented to you by our Center Director a few days after the Diagnostic Assessment; and then, after a thorough explanation of our goals for your student, you can decide to engage our services.


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