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Does Your Child Struggle to See the Importance of Math?

As much as all parents know just how important math is to their everyday life, convincing students that this is true can often seem like an impossible task. If this sounds familiar, The Tutoring Center, Greer has a post with a great activity which can help.

Teach Your Budget

While you may take the preparing of your grocery list and associated budget, the process can be a great teaching platform for your children.  The next time you are preparing your budget and shopping list, include your children in the activity, and:
  • Teach you to start with your total figure and deduct down to zero.
  • Have your children count the ingredients in your kitchen and calculate how much extra is required for the shopping list.
  • Share your calculations when ensuring that a bulk item is beneficial and will be used.
  • If you see a sale item, teach your calculations to ensure it is a genuine deal.
Once you have finished, put your children in charge of the budget and the list and make a family trip to the store. This is a great activity for a range of reasons:
  1. The math lessons your child will learn during the process will be beneficial to their schooling and their adult life.
  2. The practicality of the lesson shows your children the relevance of math and enforces the lesson.
  3. It provides parents an opportunity to identify any learning challenges.

Math Tutoring Works

If your student struggles with this activity or understanding the math, or they are falling behind their classmates, one-to-one math tutoring can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Greer today by calling (864) 655-4664.


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