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Helping Your Child Improve Their Reading Proficiency

A student who struggles with reading may not only find it difficult to learn new skills and achieve high grades, but it can also limit their ability to participate in academic opportunities. If your student could use some help with their reading, The Tutoring Center, Greer has a post which can help.

Reading Your Mail

If your mailbox is like most then it likely quickly fills up with promotional flyers and notices. However, instead of discarding these items or barely giving them a look, use them as a teaching platform for your children. As you prepare dinner or wind down for the evening, ask your children to read each of the items aloud to you. While it isn’t considered traditional educational material, your student will be exposed to vocabulary choices, grammar uses, and writing styles which they otherwise wouldn’t see in their classroom, helping them to both improve their reading proficiency and reading skills.

Ingredients and Nutrition

When your children are reading by themselves and they encounter a new word, they will attempt to sound out the letters to learn the word. While this is a great technique, it can be limited by your child’s knowledge of letter-sound combinations. Instead of your children spending time watching TV and playing video games while you prepare dinner, invite them to the kitchen to help you while also giving them a short reading lesson.
  • As you use a canned or another pre-prepared item, hand the jar to your children and ask them to read the ingredients list and nutritional information aloud.
  • If you will be following a recipe, ask your children to read it aloud and follow their directions.
While the words they learn on the ingredients list won’t form part of their lexicon, the lesson is in the letter-sound combinations they will encounter with your supervision which they wouldn’t otherwise encounter.

Tutoring Can Improve Your Child’s Reading Level

If your child struggles with reading or they are falling behind their classmates’ level, one-to-one tutoring can help. To learn more about how tutoring can benefit your student, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Greer by calling (864) 655-4664.


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