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While it may sound fun, the summer learning slide can cause your child to arrive at school next year unprepared for the challenges ahead. To help you understand more, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has a great post to share.

What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

School is a great environment for learning because the entire space encourages and promotes learning, allowing students to flourish. However, when students are removed from this environment, such as their summer vacation, their brain stops learning and, instead, begins to forget important lessons and information. While this doesn’t cause a problem over the break, when your child sits down in class next school year they will need to spend precious classroom time relearning old lessons while their peers continue ahead with their new lessons.

How You Can Prevent Learning Loss

Despite what your student may think, full-time summer school isn’t the answer as students can benefit from the time away from a learning environment. Instead, the key is to find a happy medium, such as:
  • Prepare small quizzes for your children to complete during a road trip or completing errands.
  • Enroll your children in one-to-one Tutoring a few times a week to not only prevent learning loss but also improve any challenge areas faced in the previous school year.
  • Reviewing your child’s notes alongside them is a great way to encourage relearning.

Summer Tutoring Can Help

If your child needs help preparing for the next school year or they want to address any learning challenges they experienced in the previous school year, Tutoring can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment today at The Tutoring Center, Greer SC and speak with a trained learning professional about the benefits of Tutoring. Call today at (864) 655-4664 to make your appointment.  


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