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Does Your Child Identify With the Traits of an Auditory Learner?

Just because your student learns during a class where they sit and watch the teacher present a lesson on the board doesn't mean that they are learning at their most effective. With a range of learning styles students identify with, it’s important for parents to identify their child's preferred style so they can better provide homework help. The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has some information below on the traits of an auditory learner. An auditory learner is often confused with a visual learner because they can appear as though they absorbing information the same way. However, the truth is that they are paying much more attention to the teacher’s spoken words than those they are writing on the board. If you notice that:
  • Your youngster turns their ear to you when you speak
  • They aren’t very good at following written instructions
  • They prefer to listen to recordings instead of reading textbooks
Then there is a good chance that your youngster identifies with the traits of an auditory learner. For an auditory learner, seeing the words on the board or even on their computer screen is only a complementary learning stream second to anything and everything they hear. When it comes time to provide homework help to an auditory learner, consider these ideas:
  • Look for textbooks or lessons in audiobook format.
  • If possible, read lessons to your student during their study time.
  • Sing equations to them to assist their lesson retention.
  • Search online for apps or computer programs which include audio elements.
  • Provide them with the tools to record their own notes in audio format and listen to them during their own time.

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