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Tips to Increase Your Child's Attention Span

If your child struggles to stay focused while completing tasks, use these tips to increase their attention span.

Decrease Distractions

A great way to ensure that your child is able to focus their attention on any task is by removing distractions around them. If you notice your child's focus is often interrupted by their cellphone or by noise in the home, do your best to remove these from their work area. A phone can be left in another room while reducing noise will be a task the whole family has to commit to. Once distractions are gone, your child will have a much easier time staying focused and attentive.

Make It Fun

Increasing your child's attention span can be done by practicing fun activities. Playing games together is a great way to have children practice staying focused and concentrated. For example, playing with matching cards, completing a word search, or reading together can all help your child increase their ability to focus and concentrate.

Increase Focus Time

Your child's attention span won't increase exponentially over night, but you can help it increase over longer periods of time. One way to build up their attention span is by consciously practicing it. Set a timer for a few minutes and have your child practice staying focused while completing a task. Once time is up, give your child a small break before continuing. Gradually increase their focus time and watch their attention span grow.

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