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Enjoy the Summer Sun While Learning

With the end of the summer approaching, now is the best time to squeeze in a few educational and fun activities with your youngster. Below are some great ideas from The Tutoring Center, Greer to get you started.

A Writing Picnic

If you know that your student struggles with their writing, consider a fun writing activity. Head to your local park with everything you need for a picnic and write some short stories. If your youngster has been reading a book they enjoy, ask them to write a short story about one of their favorite characters, such as an adventure story or their backstory. This is a great way to encourage a love of writing. At the same time, it also allows you to identify any specific struggles your child may be experiencing, such as spelling, grammar, or sentence structure issues.

Outdoor Board Games

Just because you usually host a family game night in your living room doesn’t mean that you can’t take it outdoors. You can combine this with the above idea of a writing picnic by taking a few board games with you to play afterward. Try to choose games like Monopoly which involve a small amount of math and make your youngster ‘the banker.’ Again, this is a great way to enjoy the summer break but also identify any learning challenges.

Summer Tutoring Can Help Your Student Improve Their Grades

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