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How to Use a Tablet to Help Your Child Learn

Your first thought when it comes to the idea of a child using a tablet is likely to be ‘NO!’ Why? Likely because adults see these devices as purely for entertainment or to complete their work (fill out their fantasy football roster). While it is true that these devices can deliver entertainment at the press of a button, at the press of another button they can also provide a child with a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities. The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has some information on the topic.

Identify Challenge Areas

As your student finished their nightly study session and leaves their room, all a parent can really know about the study session is based on what their student tells them. After all, if your student tells you that their advanced calculus studying went well, and you struggle performing long-division without a calculator, who are you to know any better? Instead, all you can do is hope that your student is telling the truth and wait for the report card to come home. Or worse, a letter from their teacher about falling grades. This can all change by providing your child with a tablet device and a study app, such as one which displays flashcards for their memory recollection. These apps track and record not only your student’s responses, but also their response time, which answers were correct and incorrect, whether they hesitated with other answers, and even if they skipped lessons entirely. In the scenario of using an app such as the one mentioned above, as soon as a student is finished their studying, they can simply provide the tablet to their parents to see how their studying is going. Presented in an easy to understand visual format, this information is invaluable to parents who can see their child’s grades slipping but aren’t sure why, given that their child spends a lot of time studying. Armed with this data, parents can speak with teachers and tutors about how their student can overcome these hurdles.

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