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How to Stay Warm and Keep Your Children Entertained and Learning

Have you noticed that your children seem to want to do little else than sit in front of the television when the weather is cold? Of course you have! you are probably looking at them in front of a screen now! If this is the case, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has a great outing (with heating involved) you can all enjoy along with a home-based art activity.


Despite what your children may believe, there was life before the internet. It involved reading through what seemed like tomes to find the smallest piece of information about a subject or visiting a museum just to complete your assignment. And while encyclopedias may be a thing of the past, museums are well and truly alive. Many museums have adapted to the shift in learning platforms and now offer exhibitions and hands-on installations for children to enjoy which can not only keep them entertained but will also keep their brains active. Search online for local museums to see which children-focused activities they have to offer. While you are researching, be sure to ask if their heating is working!


If you can remember cleaning paint and marker off your walls when your child was at their most curious of stages, then you will appreciate this talent-redirection. Start with a regular paint-by-numbers set chosen by your youngster. However, instead of following the traditional painting path, introduce math. For example, start by having your youngster paint only the prime numbers on the page. Once this has been done, move on to numbers in a multiplication sequence which they have been struggling with. Once you have a few numbers left over, make up your own calculations for them to complete which result in the remaining numbers on the page.

Tutoring Can Help Students of All Learning Levels

Just because the cold weather may have zapped them of their enthusiasm, it doesn’t mean that they have to lay on the couch all weekend long! If you notice that your child struggles with any particular equations, such as searching for prime numbers or their multiplication tables, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Greer SC today at 864 655 4664 to learn more about how one-to-one tutoring can help your student overcome any learning challenges.


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