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Tips for Getting Your Child out of Bed

When it comes to getting your children out of bed in the morning, it can often seem like the impossible struggle. If you just can’t seem to find a method which works, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Greer to help.

No More Gadgets in the Bedroom

While you may get your child to bed early, there’s a good chance they will just lie in bed using social media and playing games under the covers. To prevent this and to encourage early sleep, have them leave their electronic devices in the kitchen before they go to bed. This also works to help get them out of bed in the morning as they can’t check their messages and the latest gossip until they get up and go to the kitchen for breakfast.

Discourage Napping

Every child feels tired when they get home from school, leading to the majority of students taking an afternoon nap. Despite how tired they feel, do your best to help keep them awake. By sleeping in the afternoon, it makes their bodies and their brain less inclined to drift off to sleep again mere hours later. Keeping them awake exhausts their brain and their body, helping them to wake up the next morning ready to go to school.

Where Is Their Alarm?

Instead of putting their alarm next to their bed, put it on the other side of the room or even at their door (as long as it won’t wake anybody else up). This method works by your student choosing to stay out of bed once they do to turn off their alarm, since they are already up.

Help Your Child Improve Their Grades With Tutoring

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