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Set a Schedule to Do House Chores

If you want to have better control of the household tasks to keep your home tidy, you should make a calendar that establishes what will be done each day of the week, and you will have to assign small duties to your children. In this way, everyone will be helping, and the responsibility of cleaning the home won't fall entirely on you.

If Something is Out of Place, Be Ready to Put Everything Where it Goes.

Although it may seem like a bit redundant and straightforward advice, the reality is that most children don't put kitchen utensils in their place when they use them, or they forget to put their dirty garments in the laundry basket. The list of examples goes on. If your children put this advice into practice, they'll grow up to be more efficient human beings. The same applies to their schoolwork.

Teach Your Children to Sort Their Toys

This habit will help them put their toys in a specific place when they finish playing. Young children learn quickly; the sooner you instill in them the value of cleanliness and order, the better.

Check the Wardrobes Frequently

Ordering and checking your children's clothes frequently will serve to donate or sell the clothes that no longer fit them. With this technique, they'll learn the value of generosity, and you can keep the house tidy, including the bedrooms and closets.

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