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For your child to have a successful academic year, you need to work with their teacher. After all, they are one of the most influential adults in their life, and you need to be on the same page to guarantee your child's proper educational development. For tips on how to build a working parent-teacher relationship during the start of this new year, continue reading.

How to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship

Introduce Yourself to the Teacher

It can be very hard to build a relationship with anyone if you don't even know who they are, their name or anything else. For that reason, you should meet with the teacher and introduce yourself to them. While you have their attention, share contact information and let them know of your willingness to help your child's education.

Talk With the Teacher

While that first introduction was fine to learn who each other were, you should ask to have a more in-depth conversation with them. As the year progresses, you'll probably have a few parent-teacher meetings with them. However, it's important that you have one at the beginning of the year, so you can relay information about your child that they may find useful (e.g. their strengths and weaknesses).

Be an Involved Parent

One surefire way to strengthen your relationship with the teacher and, more importantly, with your child, is to become an involved parent. Be there for all of the meetings, the social events, the school activities, and more. Moreover, offer your time or ask to participate. This will reiterate your willingness to help your child's education.

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