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Don't Let Precious Lessons Go to Waste over Summer

Summer break is almost upon us which can mean only one thing: it’s time for students to sit on the couch for weeks on end moving only to eat and, well, maybe not even moving to sleep! While it’s true that they deserve a break during the summer, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has some information below on why it’s important to keep their brain working.

The Summer Learning Slide

Sounds like a fun activity at the local park, right? Unfortunately, it’s far from it. The summer learning slide refers to the effects a large break from studies has on a youngster’s mind. When a student spends all of their summer break doing nothing, their brain begins to forget lessons which they worked hard to retain.

How to Prevent It from Happening to Your Student

Don’t worry, you don’t need to enroll your youngster in full-time summer school, giving them absolutely no free time at all. Instead, consider these options:
  • A couple of one-to-one tutoring sessions a week is not only great to keep their learning momentum going, but will also work to help keep their educational routine.
  • Remember those pop-quizzes they always say catch them off-guard? Summer break is the perfect time to break some out. For example, if you’re on the way to the grocery store, ask them to complete a short quiz and, if they pass, they choose a special treat at the store.
  • Reviewing the notes they took during the previous school year is another great option which they can do anywhere and at any time, such as on the way to the movies or even during a family road-trip.

Tutoring in Greer works!

When it comes to keeping your youngster’s brain working over the summer break, you can’t beat the benefits of one-to-one tutoring. Call The Tutoring Center, Greer SC at (864) 655-4664 to book your free consultation and to learn more about how tutoring can help your youngster to not only retain their knowledge, but to further it!


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