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Does Your Child Always Have a Paper Due the Next Day?

If you always hear your child saying that they have an assignment due tomorrow, it could be an indicator that your child lacks adequate time management skills. While, on the surface, it can look like a student just rushing around, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC knows that the effects are far more concerning. As a parent, all you see is an assignment that is handed in on time. The quality of the work isn’t evident until you receive a report card with a letter asking for your school attendance, and you’re left wondering how and why. Consider this example and imagine a student who:
  1. Attends class on time
  2. Listens acutely to the teacher
  3. Writes down meticulous notes
  4. Asks the teacher questions
  5. Clarifies their learning at the end of the lesson
If you imagine this student being given an assignment, then you will likely also imagine that the student will do exceptionally well and hand in a high-quality and completed article. However, if you just make one simple addition, the outcome changes. The student has poor time management skills. When you add this to the equation, the rest of the scenario goes a little something like this.
  1. Instead of planning for the assignment, the student forgets.
  2. You hear your student yelling that they have an important assignment due the next day (sound familiar?).
Here is the most important part of this scenario: Instead of utilizing their learnings, intellect, and notes to complete a thorough, well researched, and highly interesting assignment, the student is forced to complete days worth of work in mere hours. As you can imagine, the result is nothing short of a rushed assignment. However, it is all that the teacher has to use as they are assigning grades, leaving this student with a grade which doesn't accurately reflect their learning capacity.

Tutoring in Greer, SC Can Help Your Student Improve Their Grades

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