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How to Create a Great Study Space at Home

When your youngster sits down to study, the space they are in has a more powerful impact on the outcome of their study session than you may think. If your youngster reads their notes on the couch or sits in the kitchen completing their math quizzes while you cook, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Greer SC on how you can provide a more learning-conducive study space.

Distraction Free Zone

The first thing that you think about when you hear the word distraction is a cell phone. And while you’re right that it is a distraction, would you believe that vacuuming while your student studies could be worse? Anything which grabs your youngster's attention while they study is a distraction. For this reason, be sure to set up a space which is free from as much noise and visual distractions as possible. If this means setting up a small desk and a chair in the laundry room at the back of the house for a couple of hours each night and designating it a no-visit zone for the period, then this can work great.

Everything Needed

If you have ever heard, ‘I just came out to get a glass of water,’ or, ‘I forgot to get my colored markers,’ then what you have really heard is, ‘I stopped and lost my study momentum because I had to leave for a silly reason and now it will take me another 15 minutes to get back into a good study rhythm.’ For this reason, prudent planning will be your best bet. Consider what your youngster will need for their study session and be sure that it’s accessible. Everything from water, to markers, right through to any type of measuring tools they will need should be included in their study space.

Last, but Not Least

Lighting. When looking for the right distraction-free study space, consider the lighting levels. Natural light is always going to be your best option, but only if it is the right level. For example, if the lighting is too bright then your student’s eyes will become sore and it will be difficult to read their study material, while lighting too dark will make it easy for them to become weary and potentially fall asleep! Whether it’s installing temporary curtains or buying a basic desk lamp, make sure that your student can see their studies in the best light. Literally!

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