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Keep Your Child's Mind Fresh Over the Summer Break

As a previous post mentioned, students love nothing more than taking a break from their studies over the summer period. However, as the article also mentioned, this practice is not very conducive to a student’s learning progress. In addition to summer tutoring in Greer SC, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has prepared the following post on how you can use flashcards to keep their brains sharp.

Use Flashcards

As a parent, you likely remember using flashcards when you were at school. The reason why this teaching method is still being used today is that it is an effective one. One of the most common reasons why parents don’t utilize them, however, is because modern lessons are too complex for them to understand. After all, if you didn’t study physics in school, how can you expect to help your student with the subject? The key is in your student’s notebook. Set aside some time to sit down with your student and look through their notebook together. Key items to look out for are:
  • Incomplete notes
  • Notes which are not easily read
  • Notes which have been scribbled out a number of times and then rewritten
These are all signs that the lessons proved to be somewhat of a challenge to your student and are the lessons your flashcards will focus on. Armed with this information, cut out some small pieces of card and write short questions on one side. Using your child’s notes, write the answer on the back. When creating your questions and answers, be sure that your questions are concise, so that your student can focus on the important parts of the question and, in turn, the answer.

A Good Balance of Summer Tutoring in Greer SC

When it comes to summer learning, flashcards are a great complement to formal lessons, such as one-on-one summer tutoring in Greer SC. To learn more about how the right balance of summer tutoring in Greer SC can keep your student’s brain active and challenged over the vacation period, call The Tutoring Center, Greer SC today at (864) 655-4664 book your free consultation.


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