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Handwriting provides essential benefits and, therefore, the use of traditional pencil and paper can help children develop self-learning skills. Keep on reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Greer, to learn more.

Increase Coordination

Writing by hand plays a significant role. This ability develops skills that will be essential for your children later on. Children who write with pencil and paper develop coordination between their eyes, brain, hands, and other brain areas, which will help them learn how to process information correctly.

Process Information Quicker

Teaching them to write by hand with correct calligraphy and spacing will help them learn how to summarize and extract the most crucial information from a task. This is an essential part of the learning process.

A Forgotten Ability

Writing by hand has many more benefits related to your children's learning and performance. Today it's ubiquitous to see children and teenagers typing at full speed on mobile, computer, or tablet keyboards, and it's possible that they only write by hand for some school tasks. If your children practice their writing often, they'll hone their skills and retain information better as people who write by hand have a greater fluidity of ideas when writing long texts. The fact is that this practice enhances memory and improves reading comprehension.


Although technology makes dense writing easy, a keyboard shouldn't be your children's go-to tool. Typing is not writing, and there's nothing like good old-fashioned paper and pencil to practice calligraphy at home.

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