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A Lesson in Spring Cleaning

You would be hard pressed to find children of any age who enjoy spring cleaning, however, it’s a task which needs completing and is a good lesson in responsibility. Below is an article from The Tutoring Center, Greer about how you can make your spring cleaning educational.

Start With a Plan

Usually, the first time that your children will see your plan or your list of activities will be when you are ready to delegate. However, they haven’t had a chance to see how you prepared the list. And while you may take it for granted, the process involved in creating your list is a great lesson in time-management and one which every student can benefit from when looking at a heavy study workload.
  • Start with the simple activity of writing your list, including any tips or advice for reducing the chances of you forgetting an important item.
  • Teach them not only how you prioritize each item, but also discuss the importance of doing so.
  • Vocalize your thoughts when estimating the completion time for each task, helping your child to learn about accommodating for set up time and resources, etc.
  • Once you are ready, show your student how you piece together each of the tasks so that you can utilize your time wisely in order to be able to complete all of the tasks easily.
Not only will the above be a great hands-on lesson in time-management where they can see the direct outcome of the day’s work being completed and the importance of planning, but it also provides them with a framework which they can utilize when managing their studies.

Space and Measurements

If your child is younger and isn’t at the stage where time-management is a concern, basic math-focused lessons like measuring and space can be taught by simply moving your furniture as you clean. When it comes time for furniture to be moved, instead of simply sliding it around, have your student measure the item and then use this information to find a suitable temporary space. Once they are confident with this method, strengthen their visual-spatial awareness by removing the formal calculations. When doing this, if your student gets it wrong and you know that the item isn’t going to fit, help them to move the item anyway, so that they can get a practical lesson and see where they went wrong.

One-to-One Tutoring Can Improve Your Child’s Grades

These ideas aren’t all that you can include, of course. As you consider each task, look for ways you can include subtle lessons. If your student’s recent grades were a little lower than you expected and they need a little more help than these ideas, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Greer by calling (864) 655-4664.


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