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Identify Pivotal Information

There's no need to write down everything the teacher says; identify and write down the essentials; such as names, dates, definitions, characteristics, causes, conclusions. In short, everything that will help you later to understand the notes and remember crucial facts.

Make the Effort to Be More Observant

To identify what's important, keep an eye out for some signals from the teacher. For example, teachers have the tendency to phrase valuable information in expressions like: "The essential is _______", "As a consequence ______", "Remember that _________". That's why it's important to be receptive and pay attention to get the most out of the lessons. But if you didn't have time to write down something, leave a space and ask the teacher about it later.

Leave an Open Space for Potential Doubts

You should also write down all the doubts that arise while you're taking notes so that later you can solve them with the teacher. A good idea is to read the topic before going to class; this way it will be easier for you to keep up with the material.

Keep the Content Structured

Write with order and good handwriting, this will help you understand what you have written, and organize the information in paragraphs, sections, and key points. Also,  remember to leave a blank side margin to include notes and questions.

Underline or Mark the Most Important Keywords and Concepts

You can use different markings and colors, depending on the importance of the underlining, and include simple graphics, schemes, or drawings.

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