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How to Use a Tablet to Help Your Child Learn

Your first thought when it comes to the idea of a child using a tablet is likely to be ‘NO!’ Why? Likely because adults see these devices as purely for entertainment or to complete their work (fill out their fantasy football roster). While it is true...

Get Your Student Ready for the New School Year

There is no other time of the year that a student enjoys the most than summer vacation. Whether they spend the entire time with their friends, family, camp, or a mixture of them all, they likely enjoyed their summer break. However, as the summer...

Keep Your Child's Mind Fresh Over the Summer Break

As a previous post mentioned, students love nothing more than taking a break from their studies over the summer period. However, as the article also mentioned, this practice is not very conducive to a student’s learning progress. In addition to...
 1.  The Diagnostic Assessment 

   Before you’ve even decided to work with us, we give your family an expensive gift! For no charge, we administer the nationally recognized Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement (KTEA) to your student. As I’ve discovered in the...
 There are two carefully arranged rooms, furnished in bright primary colors, tucked into the Thornblade Publix Shopping Center. Personal celebrations percolate through these rooms every day. I wish everyone could see the meaningful smiles that we see from precious children and young...

Don't Let Important Lessons Go to Waste

There is one thing which all students look forward to: summer vacation! While it can be tempting to consider that your student has been working hard all year and deserves a break, The Tutoring Center, Greer SC has some information on why it is important to...

Does Your Child Always Have a Paper Due the Next Day?

If you always hear your child saying that they have an assignment due tomorrow, it could be an indicator that your child lacks adequate time management skills. While, on the surface, it can look like a student just rushing around, The Tutoring...

Strong Benefits to Reading Non-School Related Books

When it comes to reading, parents often put much of the focus on textbooks or class related novels, and with good reason. They are great learning tools, however, it is important to not forget to include non-school related books as well. The...

Is Your Child a Kinesthetic Learner?

When many parents see their children disengaged from their school work their first, and reasonable thought, is that they are disinterested in the subject or learning in general. While this is a thought which should be addressed, it could be that the student is...

How Early Age Tutoring Can Give Your Youngster an Academic Advantage

The idea and practice of early age tutoring are not new. However, as entrance requirements increase for top-rated preschools and kindergartens, more and more parents are becoming aware of its benefits. Knowing just how important...


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