The Tutoring Center, Greer SC

"The Tutoring Center works! Not only has our child caught up to where he should be but he has surpassed it, all within 7 months. Well worth every penny for the confidence it has given him."
Robert Trautner of Greer
"Our son has been a frequent flier at the Greer Tutoring Center since they opened! When we started, we were below grade level in multiple areas, and have significantly improved focus and understanding in these areas. My son looks forward to going to tutoring and even wants to get there early. Thanks, Tutoring Center!"
Liza Bentley of Greer
"The Tutoring Center is AMAZING!!!! I am a college student who took business calc and the first time I took the class without tutoring I failed but when I retook it with tutoring I made a 96!! I owe it all to Sam, the tutor who helped me the most! The Tutoring Center was super flexible with my busy schedule and was always there to help! I highly recommend!"
Maghen LeBlanc of Greenville 
"My son goes to the tutoring center. He looks forward to it everyday. He loves the people there that help him learn. He says math is easy this year because of getting tutoring this summer. What a great place to learn."
Mike Piotrowski
"Zack is a phenomenal Center Director! No better place to go if you're looking to get top notch help from a dedicated group of educators."
Jonny Smith
"Very impressed with the curriculum and staff. My son looks forward to attending his session every week!"
Jill Taylor
"My daughter has been attending the Center for a few months now and absolutely loves it! She has grown both academically and in confidence. The staff are friendly, Manager Zac is a great guy, very inviting and above all listen to your concerns and follow through with positive results. Highly recommend!"
Jo Nelson
"The best decision I made this year for my sons education and future was bringing him to the Tutoring Center in Greer. Zack cares about the students and their progress in a clean, professional environment. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to help their children improve their learning and for those looking to enhance their children's education even if they are already doing well in school."
George Turano
"Awesome!!!! Fantastic teachers and program! From the time you are warmly greeted at the door by the owner Zac, to the end of the session, you will appreciate the positive, supportive learning environment!"
Char Wederbrand
"We love everyone at the Tutoring Center. The curriculum is great and my son is always excited to earn rewards for his efforts at each session."
Ride More Everyday
"I am a student there and it is so great. I love going every week. From learning to Zack's stories, I have the best experience every week. I love it so much. Thank you staff at the tutoring center for making learning fun and easy."
Christopher Piotrowski
"We love everyone at the Tutoring Center. The curriculum is great and my son is always excited to earn rewards for his efforts at each session."
Jill Taylor
"After a month my son has done tremendous progress! His progress report showed nothing but letter grades of A and B's. That to me is a miracle because he never scored that high on a progress report. This facility has broken the awesome scale period! I beg any one who would like their child to progress, learn, and excel in academics to please try it. My son is motivated to learn and his confidence is extremely high because of this facility. Now, there is work to be done still, I mean its only been one month but if they accomplished this in one month, I can only imagine what they could do in a year! I'm excited and look foward to continue seeing results. I'm no longer a skeptic but a true believer of the brand called The Tutoring Center!"
John Carter
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Zack Rish

Monday - Friday: 2:30 - 7:30pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed


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